**Caveat – If you think that spending vast sums of money on a camera case is insane, please close your browser window now**

Front view of the Leicatime X-E1 case.

Front view of the Leicatime X-E1 case.

Today, my Leicatime case finally arrived via courier! Apologies for the poor iPhone pics as well as my home made strap (still in development!).

It was a bum-squeakingly large amount of money (200 Euros) to hand over via Bank Transfer but it’s soooo shiny…

The image to the left here shows it on my camera (click for a bigger version) and I have to say that  love it to bits!

To give a little background, I searched for an eternity for a really nice looking case that would cater for a bit more grippage as the X-E1 on its own feels slightly small. I also wanted that back screen covered to stop me chimping and to stop screen scratches. I also wanted some decent quality and the more I looked at the website, the more I wanted one… It’s handmade. It’s Italian leather.

This is a family business that makes handmade cases and straps, and I initially spoke to Ginevra by email. This was all done over Easter, so the replies were very quick considering the holidays. Once I’d paid, I received confirmation from Luigi (on the 2nd April) by email then sat down to wait. Three weeks later and we’re done!

So if you’ve looked at Leicatime cases (they do Oly, Leica and Fuji X systems) and been put off by either the website (which definitely needs an upgrade!) or the fact that they’re not UK, I can say that the service I had was wonderful.

The case itself is soft leather with a red leather inner and (at extra cost) red stitching. The camera fits very snugly into the case. The built-in grip is a definite welcome addition and feels really comfortable and well sized. The poppers are secure and well made. There is no access underneath for the batteries/mem card/tripod mount, but access to these can be added at extra cost. I am beginning to wish I’d paid the extra 20 Euros for the tripod hole too but I figured I’d be taking it out of the case for Landscape work. The problem was that all the prices are exclusive of VAT and they charge an extra 4% for Paypal, so everything you add to the order costs more than you think.

So I guess the big question is “was it worth it?” I was in a slightly unusual position of having money left over after selling my Canon gear, and I wanted a grip and a case. The Fuji branded grip + case would have set me back around £120 (£60 each at

Rear view of the Leicatime case with flap open

Rear view of the Leicatime case with flap open

time of posting) so we’re actually talking about £50 difference. I know, I know, the VAT isn’t in there… or the delivery charge… As you can see I’m desperately trying to justify the cost. The case is a thing of beauty. If you’re a lady, it’s a Louboutin. Sure – you could say “200 Euros for a bit of leather?” but I just shake my head. For me it’s something really nice; and ladies – if you like your Louboutins and your husband has an Olympus, a Fuji X or a Leica – you may want to have a chat with Ginevra on email. Give him a treat. He’s worth it! Gents – if your wife likes her shoes, tell her you want one of these. If she mentions the “strip of leather” thing just point to her shoes and raise an eyebrow. That should do the trick!

Yes. It’s expensive. If you have the money to spare (my camera fund stays in my camera fund!) then why not treat yourself.