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So 2013 has begun and my New Years resolution this year is to get some exercise and also to get back into my photography.

Yes… It’s been quiet here on ShutterCount and over the last few weeks the site has had a bit of a facelift and refresh with the intent of keeping up with my writing. This is due mainly to my readership which (according to Analytics) is growing at a surprising rate.

With that in mind, I’ve begun my 52 week challenge for 2013. More detail on this is at my 52 for 2013 page and these posts are really just documenting the benefits of this sort of challenge.

The most important benefit to an “older” gent like myself, is that I’m getting some exercise again. Desk bound during the week means I am not doing good things to my body (certainly not with all the tea and biscuits) so the 7 mile circuit certainly has benefits to my health. Another benefit (photographically speaking) is that I get to see the same place over and over again. This allows me to spend time composing my images, and also to return to a place with a different lens, or different lighting in a short period of time.

So here’s my first image. Shot in some thick mist, this is uncropped. I’m really concentrating on composition at the moment as well as exposure. Apart from a little tweaking in Lightroom and running the final image through SilverEfexPro for the B&W conversion, I’m doing very little post-processing. It’s refreshing to finally spend more time out shooting than in the electronic darkroom after the event.

Thanks for reading, and if you enjoy following this sort of thing, or want to do something similar,  you can keep up to date with my progress either through my Flickr account, or my challenge thread over on  Talk Photography.



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